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Dedicated to the wonderful Emma, who recently asked for a video of these two with voice overs. I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to pull it off, but I heard this song while driving home today and remembered how much I loved it and that is how this came to be.

It’s not the best, but I love it anyways and I hope you do too.

haplesspunks SAID:
I'm 99% sure that the reading in the bus scene was in Maggie's imagination. She was re-imagining the story without the trauma, but as soon as Rebecca says "he died right away?", Maggie snaps back to reality and we see the actual chain of events. I don't think Daniel was ever alive in the bus... or at least that's how I interpreted it?


Anonymous SAID:
Regarding that anon's question about the "he died right away" line-- what I interpreted it as was that he died immediately after being shot, meaning he didn't suffer/wasn't slowly dying in pain. It all happened in a moment. Hope that helps. :)


Do you think she got the message yet?

In the grip of a hurricane, I’ll just blow myself away

Pairings/Characters: Don Keefer/Sloan Sabbith. Don Keefer, Sloan Sabbith, Mackenzie McHale, Tess Westin, Kendra James.
Disclaimer: The Newsroom does not belong to me.
Warnings: English isn’t my first language and this fanfic wasn’t revised by someone fluent in the language. Title based on Florence + The Machine's song. Original: “I’m in the grip of a hurricane / I’m gonna blow myself away”
Words: 735.

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Winning the War (ao3 |
rated t | wc ~4,000 | no warnings
She has to believe that their victory in this war of attrition won’t be hollow. Dantana’s law suit enters the discovery phase, and MacKenzie is ten days late. One-shot, Post S2.