"By that, what I mean is – That I am a ferocious businesswoman who looks very, very closely and primarily at the bottom line. But I’m not ruthless. I don’t try to hurt people by telling ‘not truths.’”

Jane Fonda on Leona Lansing (x

“We’re ahead about five months. However, once the season starts each episode begins right after the last one ended so there are no time jumps during the season. It’s a very compressed season. Once again, we’re telling one story throughout the whole season, there are stories that come off like branches, but there’s one story that we begin in the first episode and goes to the end.”

Aaron Sorkin when asked: Will there be a time jump when the show premieres? (via atlantiscable)

  • Atlanta Magazine: The Newsroom returns to HBO November 9 for its six final episodes. Was it difficult for you to say goodbye to your character of cable news executive Leona Lansing?
  • Jane Fonda: It really was. Aaron [Sorkin] has done a great job in the third season of wrapping everything up. Fans will be pleased. He’s such a genius.

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First look: The Newsroom Season 3 (x)

“It does a little bit. But the bigger thing that comes along is that we meet Reese’s father’s children by his next wife so we meet his half-brother and his half-sister is Kat Dennings. And they own a 45-percent share of the controlling stock in the company and that begins a story rolling of a hostile takeover of AWN.”

Aaron Sorkin when asked: Will the fallout from Jerry (Hamish Linklater) and Genoa play in?

Insomnia, together. - part 1

His late night calls were no longer required now that she’d moved into his apartment, their apartment as she liked to correct him. Will swore she was days away from putting up a joint nameplate on the door. He was hardly complaining. But there was a thing that kept him awake. That was the insomnia. He couldn’t fathom why he was still unable to sleep. Mackenzie in his arms always meant a sound sleep. He was confused. He thought the sleeplessness was supposed to end with the loneliness..

Something had changed since the proposal. He couldn’t articulate it well but to an onlooker it would seem like someone who’d just got another shot at his life. What Will Mcavoy failed to realize was that the loneliness in his life had now been replaced by excitement. Once earlier he’d confessed to her that he was trying to impress her and that’s why didn’t tell her about the Fox offer.. And he was still trying to impress her. Her idea of newsnight meant so much to him now that they were together. He was constantly trying to better himself.. And he was loving it. And it was perfect when mac would wait by his desk as he came back after his change and say ‘good show’ with that sparkle in her eyes, leaving a teasing kiss on his lips everyday.

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How do know how much time left to watch The Newsroom?! Is there app or website show you that!

I tried to make a countdown app then got super frustrated and gave up, but mackenziemorganmchale is doing a great season 3 countdown series. Hope this helps!